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The leading group of companies in the European market of water purification Best Water Technology (BWT, Austria) and the manufacturer of water filters Ecosoft (Irpin, Kyiv region) intend to develop the BWT Aqua project in Ukraine. It was reported by InVenture with reference to the CEO and co-owner of Ecosoft Andriy Mitchenko.

According to him, 1 million euros have been invested in the development of the aquabox infrastructure, and another 4 million euros are planned to be invested in the future. The market for bottling purified water through electronic terminals has been developing in Ukraine for almost eight years. During this time, the country has installed about 1.2 thousand terminals, of which about a third belongs to BWT Aqua.

As Rostyslav Mudryk, business developer of Ecosoft / BWT Ukraine, explained, aquabox is a modern device designed for purification and bottling of fresh water in the buyer's bottle. The water in the aquabox comes from the water supply, after which it is purified by nine technologies. The most important are reverse osmosis technology, water enrichment with natural minerals and ultraviolet disinfection.

BWT / Ecosoft is also considering "new generation budget" projects for small-scale water treatment in small towns without centralized water supply. This will solve the problem of water scarcity in a relatively cheap way.