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family farms

A new round of investment in the largest network of family dairy farms (FDF) has already started in Ukraine. The project aims to create an all-Ukrainian network of family dairy farms. The plan is to open 5,000 farms by 2027, which will ensure the production of about 10% of the milk market in Ukraine.

Managers of the project inform that for successful and rapid development, in addition to government grants and subsidies, funds raise from private investors. That is a real way to get passive income on favorable terms. Each investor becomes the owner of a share in the capital of the legal entity, it gives the right to receive dividends for the year. Estimated dividend yield is from 12% p.a. (as outlined in the business plan).

According to the results of previous investment rounds, 250 investors joined the project, the amount of attracted investments is more than UAH 14 million. In the project there were opened more than 100 family dairy farms in various regions of Ukraine. The total number of cattle increased to 1,300.

Under the terms of the new round, the minimum investment in the project is from UAH 50,000.

Why you must invest in Family Dairy Farms? Because everyone who decides to invest in the project joins the largest initiative in the country aimed at reviving the village and developing farming; he joins a community of people with similar values, they remember their roots and support projects with a social component.

You will find more information on the website and Facebook page.