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dubious investment projects 01

The National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC) recently updated the list of dubious financial projects. The total number of such projects at the moment is 64, according to the NSSMC website.

With the aim of protection of financial services consumers, the NSSMC systematically monitors the activities of dubious investment projects, the purpose of which is the misappropriation of the Ukrainian citizens’ funds by suggesting them an illusion of investing in various financial assets and conduction of activities without relevant approval documents.
The NSSMC verifies whether the information on investment projects meets the criteria of fictitiousness. If a project meets at least some of them, this is the basis for a more thorough analysis of advertisement promises of the project and more careful consideration of investing one’s money,

this message is from the section Warning to Investors.

The Commission recently published an updated list and added seven companies. The grounds for inclusion in the list of dubious investment projects are the appeals received from law enforcement agencies and legal entities regarding the activities of dubious investment companies.

The base of dubious investment projects was replenished by:

  • Adal GROUP :
  • Forex4you:
  • Fortrade:
  • Trading House Karat:,
  • MOSBY GROUP, Mosby Lincoln LC:
  • Sincere Systems:

The projects allegedly work in the Forex market or with other financial assets. Some of them mislead citizens under the guise of cooperation with international financial investment companies or act according to a mechanism already familiar to Ukrainians: providing a large percentage of cashback on the issuance of gift certificates.

The list of projects is available on the Commission's official website in the section Warning to Investors. Now the total number is 64 projects.