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$ 100,000 was invested in the development and launch of the Ukrainian online veterinary consultation service 24/7 For further development, scaling and entry into new markets, the project requires $ 500,000. It was reported by AIN.UA.

The founders of the startup Vladislav Gurkovskiy and Kostiantyn Losobyk said that they created a service for pet owners who need a quick consultation with a veterinarian.

It took about a year to develop. Then there was the launch and testing of the product. In the process of use, some technical and marketing errors in the service became obvious to the developers. They improved the service. In addition, it is currently testing its integration with Facebook Messenger and Telegram so that users can quickly seek help.

About $ 100,000 and about two years have been invested in the launch and development of the startup. For further development in Ukraine and scaling the project to other markets, the team needs about $ 500,000.

During the operation of, more than 1,000 online consultations were provided, the increase in consultations is 15-25% per month, the attendance rate is 100,000 per month.