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According to a report by the venture company Atomico, in 2021 startups in Europe will receive a record $121 billion in funding in total. According to Business 24, this is three times more than in 2020.

Based on data from Dealroom, the latest annual report on the state of European technology from Atomico shows that the total value of shares of European technology companies in public and private markets in 2021 for the first time exceeded $3 trillion.

According to Atomico’s head of insights Tom Wehmeier, it took decades to reach the top trillion in the European market, and the next two took three years.

In addition, 2021 was a record year for European startups entering the stock market through SPAC and IPO.

The total value - $275 billion - was obtained as a result of this year's releases.

According to analysts, one of the key factors in the rapid growth of the market was the increase in demand from large international investment companies.

The growth of the European startup market is taking place against the background of the general boom of technology companies. Thus, the global IPO market in 2021 exceeded $600 billion.